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Benefits of using CAP B | CONCIERGE

Maximizing your space


Finding use for "wasted spaces" can be incredibly beneficial. Some examples of what we have created include built-in storage benches, a wine-bar under a staircase, and display shelving in little nooks.

Maximizing your investment

Knowing the little facts and details help you save money! For example, did you know that the freedom to alter your property is limited once a permit is filed? At a friend's project ​the grading of a yard turned out very slopey to accommodate a mature tree, which the county did not allow to be taken down. Had the tree been removed prior to permit submission the outdoor space would have been even from the start and a lot of work and money saved re-grading after the fact.

Maximizing your time

Deciding on materials and finishes that look good, fit the budget, and are of great quality can be time consuming. We create design boards and offer selections so that you only have to pick and choose , allowing you to spend more time on the important things in your life.

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