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Investing in Real Estate can be a very exciting and profitable endeavor, and more and more people want to get into the game. No matter if you want a small, short-term investment, or generate cash flow for the long-term, you need to make sure that you are indeed an investor - not a speculator. Proper preparation, coupled with a good understanding of all the variables involved, is key to a lucrative venture.


In addition to investing ourselves, Cap B offers multiple tools to help you start, or expand your investment portfolio. Whether you want a small, already cash-flowing property without much maintenance, or a larger project to which you can add value over time, we can help make your investment smarter. After a free, in-depth consultation we draw up the perfect plan that fits your imagination, budget, and return requirements. Our services range from a quick pro-form to validate your numbers, to a comprehensive report and underwriting. All our reports and pro-formas are prepared based on your exact circumstances and preferences.

  • Market Overview

  • Area statistics

  • Risk Assessments

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Cash Flow Predictions

  • Returns Calculations

  • Due Diligence Reports

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Investment Opportunities


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