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Each development undertaking is unique and brings different variables, risks, and opportunities with it, that need to be taken into account. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, but we generally follow the below process for our projects:

  • Identify lots or tear-downs in target area that fit established criteria

  • Run initial analysis to assess profitability

  • Obtain legal, design, and construction feedback from our partners

  • Complete due diligence, such as environmental studies, geotechnical reports, historic preservation requirements, and rezoning attainability

  • Prepare full underwriting

  • Secure financing, if necessary

  • Work with Architect and Engineers to prepare site and construction plans 

  • Consult and collaborate with various professions to prepare required documents

  • Go through rezoning or subdivision process, if necessary

  • Submit all required plans and documents for permitting

  • Prepare site for development

  • Manage construction

  • Market home(s) for sale or rent

If you are looking to develop a lot, want to sell a piece of land you own, or are interested in partnering up with us on a project,   CONTACT US  .

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