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Cap B was born during a revitalization, so this area is close to our hearts. Mostly everybody is familiar with at least one of the many "Flip" shows on TV and has probably thought "I can do that". You can! However, it's a lot more complex, time-consuming, and expensive than the shows have you believe. There are countless soft cost, hidden fees, permit reviews, and risks involved when undertaking a major renovation. And the D.C. market has become so competitive that oftentimes you have to make a decision on whether to buy a potential project within a few hours of it coming on the market. 

Cap B has successfully revitalized old properties and has learned the ins and outs of the flip game. We follow a process very similar to the one we employ for development deals, on a smaller, yet much faster-paced scale. While D.C. has a higher barrier of entry than most major cities, there are many locations in the metropolitan area that show great potential for profitable rehabs. We always have our eyes open for new opportunities!

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