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Cap B is a boutique real estate development and investment company, operating in the Washington DC metropolitan area. In addition to doing deals ourselves, Cap B provides a range of services from acquisition and dispositions, investment analysis and risk assessments, to revitalizations and developments. We only take on a small number of clients and partners at a time, ensuring that each endeavor receives our full attention and is completely personalized and customizable. We treat each project like it's our own: with dedication, passion, and attention to detail. 


The Real Estate Industry is an ever evolving business, with influences that reach far beyond the property market itself. It is connected to everything around us: Technology, Demographic, the Environment, and many other factors that all need to be taken into account when planning and executing projects of any scale. Cap B approaches each project with today’s trends in mind, resulting in innovative and exciting real estate products that excel in both function and design. In an industry where everything is connected to everything else, Cap B is determined to stay dynamic and adapt to the ever-changing real estate trends in single and multi-unit properties.

Please contact us with questions, comments, or feedback. We look forward to working with you and make the communities we live in even greater than they already are!

Chris  &  Inga



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